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The purpose of this position is to have available a person specifically trained to respond to emergency situations involving fire, medical emergencies, hazardous materials or special rescues, and to provide support to fire prevention and public education efforts.

Position Information
Title: Civilian Paramedic

Rank: N/A

FLSA: Non-Exempt

Division: Operations

Reports to: Lieutenant, Battalion Chief, Deputy/Assistant Chief, Chief

Essential Functions
The following functions have been determined by the department to be essential to the successful performance of this position.

These duties and responsibilities set forth serve only as the minimum guideline for this position and other duties and/or responsibilities may be assigned. The position of Civilian Paramedic will be expected to perform the following minimum duties and responsibilities:

1. Provide emergency medical care and patient transportation at the basic or advanced level according to accepted practices, policies, procedures, established protocols, verbal and written orders; and local, state and federal regulations, to the extent of and within the limits of training, certification/licensure scope of practice and job description.

2. Perform all required tasks and participate in all required functions and trainings necessary to maintain all required certifications from the State of Indiana, including but not limited to, attending in-services, audit and reviews, continuing education; and recording and reporting compliance with requirements.

3. Ability to meet clinical or similar performance objectives adopted by the department or the Medical Director.

4. Physical ability to, with the assistance of a partner, lift any reasonably sized patient on an ambulance cot and carry such patient from their location, and lift them to an ambulance, minimizing physical risk to the patient, self, or other personnel.

5. Have the ability to exercise judgement in unique and ever changing environments; make quick, appropriate and rational decisions; perform complex tasks; remain calm; assess medical needs and provide care to patients; to carry patients and/or equipment under a wide variety of difficult circumstances; and operate sophisticated medical and electronic devices, including but not limited to, equipment commonly used in the delivery of Advanced Life Support.

6. Perform all daily checks and maintenance of EMS vehicle and EMS equipment. Perform house duties, and maintain stations and apparatus.

7. Drive department vehicles under emergency and non-emergency conditions; monitor mechanical conditions of vehicles and equipment; and immediately and properly report any malfunctions or safety concerns. Drive safely and effectively under all road and weather conditions. Rapidly and accurately read and interpret maps, street guides and written or verbal instructions necessary to drive or navigate an EMS vehicle to a given address or location in a timely and efficient manner. The responder is expected to have the EMS vehicle in route within 2 minutes of the dispatch notification. Maintain safety and security of EMS vehicles, equipment, facilities and supplies, including controlled substances and patient belongings. Maintain cleanliness and appearance of EMS vehicles equipment and facilities.

8. Act with integrity and knowledge, and with the required skill, discipline and compassion. Exercise the highest level of common sense, professionalism and safety possible.

9. Provide accurate, legible and timely records and patient care reports. Ensure medical billing and administrative information is usable, accurate and complete prior to the end of every shift.

10. Perform, promote and participate in public education and public education events.

11. Self-motivates and takes initiative to seek out and recognize appropriate tasks and responsibilities. Carries out reporting and assists with appropriate resolutions in the best interest of the department. Accepts and responds to constructive criticism, guidance, directions and suggestions and is willing to alter behavior, attitudes and practices as necessary in the best interest of the department.

12. Participate actively in continuing education and quality assessment in accordance with established practices, protocols and the most current affiliation agreement with the sponsoring hospital and Medical Director. Provide medical care with physicians, nurses and ancillary health care personnel in the clinical setting.

13. Supervise and direct EMS education and practical skills training while on duty with crews on station. Supervise and direct the activities and educational and clinical experiences of observers and students assigned to a specific EMS vehicle as an affiliated preceptor through the sponsoring hospital. Prepare reports and documentation as directed.

14. Adhere to all rules, regulations, policies, SOG’s, medical protocols and orders from superior officers including any changes or updates made by the Fire Chief.

15. Perform any other duties and adheres to any other responsibilities as assigned.
Requirements for Maintenance of Position
In order to maintain the position of Civilian Paramedic, an individual must demonstrate expected standards of performance, conduct and certification throughout employment and:

A. Maintain a valid driver’s license.

B. Maintain licensure for paramedic by the State of Indiana.

C. Maintain certifications and trainings required for affiliation with the sponsoring hospital, the Medical Director and the Department.

D. Attend monthly trainings while on duty in order to maintain your paramedic license; is responsible for personal certifications and licensure required training hours. If off duty or are unable to attend the on duty trainings, is responsible for obtaining those hours of training.

E. Comply with residency requirements.

F. Satisfactorily demonstrate performance of all position tasks and functions, and fulfill the objectives and training requirements to maintain position.

G. Avoid any substance abuse or illegal behavior; demonstrate behavior worthy of public trust.

H. Communicate with good written and oral skills.

I. Complete basic mathematical equations.

J. Solve practical problems and deal with a variety of variables in situations where only limited standardization or information exists.

K. Interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.

L. Maintain a minimum acceptable level of physical fitness according to established policies, including a yearly work performance evaluation.

M. Maintain a courteous and pleasing demeanor.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $49,273

Employer is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

**MUST GO TO WEBSITE TO COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATION** https://www.washingtontownshipindiana.org/employment.html 


About Washington Township /Avon Fire Department

The Washington Township/Avon Fire Department employs 75 members assigned to various areas of the fire department. Members that are currently assigned to the operations division  work a 24 hour on 48 hour off shift, responding from one of three firehouses.

Each shift is commanded by a Battalion Chief, with a Lieutenant assigned to each station on each shift. We currently operate two engine companies, one ladder company, one hazardous materials response truck, three transporting medic trucks, and an incident command vehicle.

38 of our personnel are certified at the paramedic level.  All remaining members are EMT’s.

The department currently has 48 hazardous material technicians. The department averages 17 runs per day.

We currently provide fire suppression, advanced life support ambulance transport, auto extrication, ice rescue, and hazmat technician level entry decontamination. The department responds as mutual aid to all surrounding departments. Our department also participates in the Hendricks County Tactical Rescue response team. This team responds county wide on water, collapse, trench, and confined space rescue calls. They also assist surrounding counties with these disciplines.

The Washington Township Avon Fire Department participates in Project Lifesaver Hendricks County along with other public safety agencies in the county.

The fire department is supported by an administration staff of 10. The department is led by Fire Chief Dan Smith. There is one Assistant Chief and 3 Division Chiefs. (Training, EMS, and Fire Prevention/Investigations)

We have two directors of programs, Director of Public Education and Director of Support Services. The Fire Prevention and Investigations Division employs one full-time fire inspector and is overseen by the Fire Marshal.