General Description:

Employee serves as a Planner for the Department of Development Services, primarily focused in the implementation of the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS); and assisting in providing technical assistance, support, and information to the department and to the public in regards to current planning projects. Work is performed under the supervision of the Senior Planner.


Primary Responsibilities (75% of tasks):

Identifies and collects capital assets using a handheld GPS device, including but not limited to: utilities; infrastructure; geographic features; and structures.
Assists in developing a comprehensive training program for ArcGIS users within the organization.
Digitizes historical records including: subdivision plats; capital project plans; as-built drawings; and utility plans.
Creates technical, display and presentation maps using ArcGIS software, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.
Organizes, creates, uses and edits various GIS data for reporting, analysis and presentation purposes.
Provides GIS services to all Town departments, including: creating and maintaining features, attributed, thematic maps, and application development to improve department operations.
Participates in local, state, regional and federal GIS initiatives, partnerships and organizations.
Works with various town departments to identify and implement GIS-based solutions specific to each department, to improve workflow efficiencies and increase transparency.
Creates and updates various map types using planimetric and thematic mapping techniques and aerial/satellite data, and maintains map collections.
Provides GIS training and technical support for town employees, vendors and the public.
Produces, manages and implements online web maps, applications and story maps for use by town employees, vendors and the public.
Streamlines GIS workflow efficiencies with model building.

Secondary Responsibilities (25% of tasks):

Assists with the application, interpretation and enforcement of local, state, and federal codes, ordinances and regulations, including, but not limited to: zoning and subdivision regulation, construction standards, and municipal and land use regulations.
Assists the Senior Planner in acting on behalf of the Town as the liaison for the U.S. Census Bureau’s Boundary and Annexation Surveys (BAS), Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA), New Construction Program (NCP) and other initiatives.
Assists with explaining, interpreting and enforcing the requirements of all related Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Town Council approvals.
Meets with the public, vendors and employees to discuss planning, zoning and development issues; and facilitating potential solutions in order to bring development plans into compliance with established standards.
Assists with the development of strategic, short-and long-term planning projects; gathering, interpreting and preparing data for studies, reports and recommendations; coordinating department activities with other departments and agencies, as needed.
Assists with updates and maintenance of the Town’s Construction Standards, policies, procedures, comprehensive plan, land use regulations and ordinances that relate to the Department’s goals and objectives.
Conducts reviews of various development applications, including but not limited to: subdivision plats; zoning map amendments; commitment amendments; development plans; variances; special exception uses; and other land use related requests.
Conducts extensive research in specific or general project areas.
Writes and presents formal and technical reports, working papers, and correspondence.
Reviews and prepares legal notices for publication ensuring legal requirements are met for public hearings and notice related tasks.
Identifies community problems, issues and opportunities in particular neighborhoods that could be mitigated through better community planning.
Evaluates adequacy of community facilities to meet current and projected needs.
Attends TECH/Staff Review; Plan Commission; Board of Zoning Appeals and Town Council meetings, as needed.
Maintains strict confidentiality regarding Town issues, and sensitive economic development projects.
Provides assistance to staff regarding enforcement of municipal code, zoning and subdivision regulations.
Assists with creating, editing, and assigning address points for new structures, subdivisions and redevelopment projects; and managing a comprehensive address point database for the Town.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning, Geography, Geographic Information Science, Public Administration, Political Science, or related field preferred.
Minimum of 2-4 years’ experience in planning; local government management; community and neighborhood development; code administration; land use planning; or related field required.
Thorough knowledge of and ability to make practical application of standard principles of local, state, federal zoning and subdivision control ordinances.
Ability to review construction plans, technical memos, specifications, reports and data; and apply provisions of local, state and federal codes, ordinances and regulations to determine compliance with each.
Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally with all personnel and residents at a professional level.
Ability to manage multiple projects, simultaneously, in a fast-paced office environment, meeting established deadlines, and specified goals.
Ability to work independently or in a team environment, as needed.
Knowledge of computer software programs, including but not limited to: Microsoft Office Suite, internet applications, database management, Adobe InDesign™ and Illustrator™, ArcGIS and AutoCAD.
Ability to attend to details in the performance of work, to meet the goals and objectives of the Department and the organization.
Ability to regularly work extended hours, occasionally work evening and/or weekend hours, and occasionally travel out of town for training/conferences, sometimes overnight.