POSITION TITLE:  Business and Operations Clerk


1.      To support the business and operations needs of Hendricks County Senior Services, including data entry, customer service, Medicaid billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

2.      To support the efficient delivery of Hendricks County Senior Services programs and to support the achievement of agency objectives.


Educational:  High School Diploma required.
Experience:  Must be competent to operate all Microsoft Office products and have experience with database management, business operations, critical thinking, and human services. Experience with QuickBooks ideal. Experience with non-profit social service agency experience ideal.
Personal:  Attention to detail; demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments; regular, predictable attendance; empathetic to older adults.

1.      Financial, Data and Records Management

a)      Support accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash handling.

b)      Accurately submit reimbursement for Medicaid services.

c)      Enter financial transactions into applicable systems, according to procedures.

d)      Accurately maintain client services databases.

e)      Provide timely and accurate service data to Business Manager and Executive Director.

f)       Analyze reports for accuracy, trends, and indicators of success. Share findings.

g)      Recommend solutions to problems/issues.


2.      Provide Administrative Assistance

a)      Support and implement administrative systems, procedures, and policies.

b)      Monitor administrative projects.

c)      Assist Business Manager and Executive Director as requested.

d)      Promotes a positive and welcoming atmosphere.


3.      Teamwork & Assist Clients

a)      Assist clients as needed.

b)      Assist any other service area when needed and requested.

c)      Participate in required meetings.

d)      Receive, review, understand, and agree to follow the policies of Hendricks County Senior Services as detailed in the agency’s employee handbook.


1.      Responsibility:  Reports to Business Manager

2.      Works cooperatively with all staff to assure efficient service and operational delivery.




Must be able to speak clearly and distinctly.
Must have visual, hearing and mental ability to initiate, comprehend and communicate written and verbal communication and financial information.
Must be willing to be responsible for and maintain job-related supplies and equipment according to Agency policy and expectations.
Must be able to operate/acquire the skills to operate office communication equipment and software systems.
Must be able to access files and documents from file cabinets.
Must be able to perform tasks involving sitting and physical activity such as lifting up to 15 pounds, carrying up to 15 pounds, reaching overhead, reaching low, kneeling, climbing, crouching, pushing up to 15 pounds, bending, stooping, and standing.
Must be able to perform repetitive tasks such as keyboarding on assigned computer systems.

Potential to travel in inclement weather.

Potential exposure to cleaning substances within office environment.
Potential exposure to substances within office environment including copy machine toner, VDT emissions and cleaning solvents.
Potential exposure to chemical/cleaning substances in Agency.

Must be able to function in a stressful environment and meet deadlines as requested.



To apply for this job email your details to kim@hendricksseniors.org

About Hendricks County Senior Services

Part-time position (12-18 hours per week).  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday rotation.